Posting to Blog via Email

Ahhh … the trials and tribulations of starting my first blog!  It was really easy to install it on my web space, but figuring out how to make the theme my own was something else altogether!  I think I’ve got it now, as well as how to upload new posts via email.  I must admit, I’m really pleased about that part.  All I had to do was:

  • Create a new secret email account on my domain specifically for posting to this blog
  • Add my new email account to Outlook
  • Configure the changes in my WordPress Admin settings
  • Write a test email and send it to my new email account using same account
  • Activate my new post by going to http://my_domain/wordpress_installation/wp-mail.php

That’s basically all there was to that!  I wrote all this out only because I figured it might be of help to someone else struggling to do this.  If I can think of anything that might be of interest, I’ll certainly include it as I go along.

And now I’m off to fix someone’s virus infested computer.  Ahhhh ….. the fun never ends!

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