Computer problem

Wow!  What a day!  I’m just finishing cleaning up Luke’s computer and what a mess that was!  Luke is my daughter’s boyfriend.  His computer was infected with trojans or malware, whatever …. ah who cares, they’re all alike ….. bad!  I’ve been at it all day on and off, scanning, cleaning and more scanning.

There must be a special hell for the idiots who come up with these useless gems.  Don’t they have enough to do without ruining other peoples computers?  Such a tremendous waste of time, when we could all be doing something better.  To top it off, the registry editor was disabled so I spent a good portion of the afternoon looking for solutions, most of which didn’t work.  Finally found one from Symantec that actually worked.

After having done everything that I possibly could to his computer, I thought I had finished cleaning it up when I got a message from my daughter Melanie. It seems that our isp had just sent all of us an email alerting us to the fact that there was “unusual email activity” from our IP address and that we should look into it immediately. We were to let them know within 24 hours whether or not we had addressed the problem, or lose our internet connection! It seems that Luke’s computer was a drone that was still infected with some kind of trojan!

Can you believe it? After all the work I had done to fix his problem, not only was the problem STILL a problem, but it was causing problems with our own Internet Service Provider ….. and our computers were CLEAN!

At that point I gave up and re-installed his operating system. Sometimes it’s just best to clean up a mess by starting over from scratch.

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